§ 1. General provisions

1. These Terms and Conditions define the principles of operation and conditions for use of the website www.regenmed.pl, hereinafter referred to as the Website. These Terms and Conditions define the rights and responsibilities of Users of the Website and the Administrator regarding the provision of services by electronic means.

§ 2. Definitions

1. The Website – www.regenmed.pl.

2. User – a person visiting the Website.

3. Personal data – information regarding an identified or identifiable natural person (“the person whom the data concerns”). An identifiable natural person is a person who can be directly or indirectly identified, in particular based on identifiers such as name, surname, ID number, location data, and Internet identifier.

4. The Owner of the Website – RegenMed Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. k. with registered office in Kraków, ul. Grzegórzecka 67c/U13, NIP: 6751544330, registered by the District Court for Kraków, 11th Economic Department of the National Court Registry, with the number KRS 0000617454.

5. Cookies – are informational data, in particular small text files which are stored on the end user’s device and intended for the use of the Website.

6. Server logs – information on particular User behaviours is subject to logging at the level of the server.

7. GDPR – Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 dated 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC.

§ 3. Conditions of use

1. The User is required to use the Website in a manner which complies with these Terms and Conditions, applicable law, generally accepted behavioural norms, and the purposes for which the Website was created, in particular in a manner which does not violate the rights of third parties or of the Owner of the Website.

2. If a User violates point 1 or behaves in a way inconsistent with the norms described in point 1, the Owner reserves the right to take action to repair any damage arising from this violation or behaviour.

3. The Owner of the Website reserves the right to breaks and interruptions in the operation of the Website, to the introduction of territorial or age restrictions on the use of the Website, as well as to the closure of the Website without prior notice.

§ 4. Liability for content

1. The Owner of the Website is solely responsible for content which it publishes on the Website.

2. Information published by the Owner of the Website is constantly updated and is presented in a conscientious manner; however, the Owner of the Website does not guarantee the correctness, current status, completeness, or permanent availability of this information.

3. The Owner of the Website reserves the right to alter, supplement, edit, or completely delete the contents of the Website. The Owner of the Website provides no guarantee that the contents of the Website are appropriate for the User or for the aims which the User hopes to achieve.

4. The Website may include links to Internet addresses of third parties, the content of which the Owner of the Website bears no responsibility for. Responsibility for the content of linked addresses is borne solely by the operators of the sites linked to those addresses.

§ 5. Intellectual property rights

1. The content of the Website is protected by Polish and international copyright law. The copyright to all materials published on the Website is held by the Owner of the Website or by authorised companies or individuals (e.g. commercial partners, clients).

2. None of the contents of the Website (including texts, documents, files, graphic layouts, illustrations) may be copied or shared in any form without the express written consent of the Owner of the Website.

3. Violation of copyright by the User may result in legal liability as described in detail in regulations on copyright and related intellectual property rights.

§ 6. Technical requirements

1. In order to ensure the correct and uninterrupted use of the Website, the User should meet the following minimum requirements:

a) possess a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection,

b) possess an Internet browser capable of displaying on the screen hypertext markup language documents (HTML) available through the WWW web service.

§ 7. Services

1. As part of the services offered by the www.regenmed.pl website, the Owner shall provide a Contact Form, by means of which the User may voluntarily provide their name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, and may include information regarding state of health which will be used in order to establish contact with the Administrator and to prepare an offer for services or provide additional information.

§ 8. Privacy protection - General information

1. The User’s personal data is processed in compliance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 dated 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (Official Journal of the EU Nr 119, p. 1) (hereinafter referred to also as “GDPR”) and in compliance with other currently applicable legislation, that is, regulations which apply during the entire period of the processing of personal data.

2. The Administrator of data in the understanding of the GDPR is the Owner of the Website.

3. The Administrator shall take exceptional care to protect the interests of those persons affected by personal data, and in particular ensure that the data gathered is:

a) processed in compliance with applicable law, in a manner which is transparent for the person whom the data concerns.

b) gathered for specific, clear, and legally justified purposes, and not processed further in a manner which is inconsistent with these purposes.

c) relevant to and strictly limited to the purposes for which it is processed.

d) correct, and updated as necessary.

e) stored in a form which makes it possible to identify the person whom the data concerns for a period no longer than that absolutely necessary for the purposes for which it is processed.

f) processed in a manner which ensures appropriate safety, including protection from unauthorised or unlawful processing and accidental loss, damage or destruction, via the use of appropriate technological and organisational means.

4. The data Administrator has appointed a Data Protection Inspector who may be contacted in matters regarding data protection at: inspektor@regenmed.pl.

5. The Owner of the Website gathers the personal data of its Users:

a) via the contact form (hereinafter referred to as the Contact Form),

b) concerning each person who visits the Website (cookies) in a way which makes it possible to identify the browser or device of the User visiting the Website, as well as what information the User has accessed and server logs.

6. The Users’ personal data gathered in compliance with point 5(a):

a) is processed in order to qualify the User (patient) for therapy or to provide answers to questions the User has posed,

b) is required in order to send a response to an inquiry and is processed for the period required to provide this response and then deleted.

7. Users’ personal data may also be processed by the Owner of the Website for statistical and archival purposes.

8. Cookies are stored until settings are changed in compliance with Paragraph 9 point 4.

9. The User has the right to access their own personal data, to correct, transfer or delete this data, to restrict processing of this data, and to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority for data protection if the User feels that the processing has been undertaken in violation of data protection law.

10. The User’s personal data is shared with parties providing service for the software used on the Website and hosting services.

11. The data is not transferred to a country outside the EU and EEA.

12. The User is not subject to profiling.

13. Some information (cookies) may be associated with a specific person depending in its content.

14. The Administrator carries out its responsibility to inform the public by publishing relevant information in the Privacy Policy and together with the Contact Form.

15. The User remains anonymous until filling out the Contact Form on the Website.

§ 9. Privacy protection - Information on cookies

1. The owner of the Website uses session cookies which are stored on the User’s computer or mobile device until the User logs off or closes the program, as well as permanent cookies which remain on the device of a User visiting the Website for a period defined in the cookie parameters or until they are removed.

2. The program used to view websites (Internet browser) typically allows cookies to be stored on the end User’s device as a default setting.

3. Website Users can change their settings regarding acceptance of cookies. The browser settings make it possible to remove cookies. It is also possible to automatically block cookies. Detailed information on how to do this can be found in the browser documentation of help menu, as well as point 4.

4. In order to withdraw consent for the placement of cookies:

a) in Internet Explorer: select the “Tools/Internet options” tab from the main menu, next select “Privacy”, check “Advanced” and switch off cookies.

b) in Mozilla Firefox: select the “Tools” tab from the main menu, next select “Options” and set the desired levels in the “Privacy” section.

c) in Opera: select the “Tools” tab from the main menu, next select “Advanced” from the “Preferences” section and click “Cookies”.

d) in Google Chrome: select “Options” from the right-hand menu, next select “For advanced users” and “Cookie settings”.

5. Changes to settings made in accordance with points 3 and 4 signify withdrawal of consent for the placement of cookies, yet this does not affect cookies which are essential for the process of authentication, security, or to maintain the User’s preferences.

6. Restricting the acceptance of cookies may affect the functionality of some aspects of the Website.

7. For statistical purposes, the Administrator uses the services of third parties. With regard to information on User preferences gathered by third parties, the User may review and edit the information gathered by cookies using the following tool: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=pl, https://www.google.com/ads/preferences/ for Google.

§ 10. Privacy protection - Server logs

1. Information on some User behaviour is logged at the server level. This data is used exclusively to manage the website and ensure the most efficient operation of the hosting services provided.

2. Internet resources viewed are identified by URL address. Additionally, the following information may be recorded:

a) time that inquiry is received,

b) time that response is sent,

c) name of the User’s workstation – identification is based on the HTTP,

d) information on errors which occurred during the HTTP transaction,

e) URL address of the referring website visited by the User before visiting the Website (referring link) – when the website has been accessed by referral from a link,

f) information on the User’s browser,

g) information on the IP address.

3. This data is not associated with any particular individual viewing the Website.

4. This data is used solely for the purpose of administration of the Website.

§ 11. Final provisions

1. The Owner of the website will make every effort to ensure the correct operation of the site. This, however, does not constitute a guarantee that the site will operate without fail or breaks in service.

2. In the case of any complaints or comments on the manner in which the site operates, Users may submit these to the Owner of the site by e-mail at the address biuro@regenmed.pl.

3. The Owner of the site reserves the right to introduce changes to the Terms and Conditions. Changes shall take effect 7 days after the publication of a new version of the Terms and Conditions unless the content of the changes themselves indicate otherwise.